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Seraphita(or as some know as just Sera) and Jenna Angel are the two most important characters in this story. A lot of what Digital Devil Saga is really about have to do with them. Most see Sera as the angel of the game. A kind and caring girl. While her 'parent' known as Jenna seems to misjudged as the devil. The villian who is cruel and evil.

In the sequel you get glimpses of the past of Jenna, a world environmental protection organization's scholar who was born an androgyne which was caused by the sun. She was the first one to actually discover how the disease was being conducted. She figured that the answers all lied in the sun's rays which is why the world environmental protection organization's put Madame Margot Cuvier, the first to discover the disease (note the disease's name is 'Cuvier syndrome'), under management of organizing the Karma Association. A city was made and a large dome was built over it to protect it from the sun's rays. David, a man who worked along side of Jenna and who loved her dearly, caught the disease and died when everyone was still in the process of figuring out a cure. I assume because of his death, Jenna's whole world fell apart and her heart grew filled with evil.

The facility, HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was created was and used the giant radio telescope that was directed on the sun/god's transmitted information. They then experminted with people who carried telepathy so that they can communicate with god/sun. Many have died over the process, including the boy from South America, Cielo, whom Seraphita had befriended. Seraphita, or also known as no.19 was the first successful 'techno shaman' who was able to communicate with god at the age of two, her whereabouts of how she was 'born' are unknown. We just know that both her parents are Jenna.

Inside the Karma dome, the EGG laboratory was finished being built, so the association had then carried their experiments there from now on. Two young scholars, Serph and Heat from the University of Yale, an Ivy league school, joined the association to tend to the experiment. A nurse by the name of Argilla also accompanies them. Seraphita has seem to have grown a friendship with them all. Even after a hard days of work, Sera created her own world that no one knew about. She created AI models based on Serph, Heat, Argilla, and even her friend who has died, Cielo.

In Sera's 'inner' world, she and the the AI models did as she pleased. You only get a scene of them playing beach ball. Infact, these are the same Serph, Heat, Argilla, and Cielo that you play as in the game. The association found out about Sera's world and how she was able to create an AI system such as her own. Colonel Beck(who people should know as Varon/Varin), surprised of hers powers, wanted to form a simulated program called Junkyard. In this project, tribes will be formed and the remaining tribe will be taken out of the program, put into chips, and the chips would be inserted into soldiers for usage of the military.

Sera didn't want her world or 'friends' to disappear so before the deletion, she hid them in the Junkyard project. You can really tell that Sera's feelings for the AI Serph and real Serph were strong. Despite the fact that Heat cared much more about her, she saw him as a scary older brother. Even in the past of the real Serph and Heat. Serph still manages to look like the good guy. But not for long...

As Sera was going through a painful experiment and Heat, knowing what Serph plans to do with Sera, points a gun to his face which starles a Karma Association member as he flips the switch to Sera's monitor. She is able to see what is happening in the control room as Serph explains that he plans to use Sera to get his way of becoming a god. If she dies, it would be alright with him as he'll get many more people with the same power and try again and again. Before Heat can shoot Serph, he is shot himself by Argilla(whom I'm sure, was easy to manipulate at the time). The colonel walks in to see the horrible happens and since Sera has witnessed the true colors of Serph, she grew into an uncontrollable sadness which caused the sun to blacken.

The blackening of the sun caused many side effects. Even to where the real Serph transformed into the real Varna, causing terror to all(he even devours the nurse, Argilla). Many have died, the population decreases, nations have collapsed, and the United States no longer exist. Margot and Jenna, who are both still alive, conducted that humanity may still be saved through research of Varna. They figure that demons are able to soak in the sun for days without catching the cuvier syndrome so their plan was to have everyone survive through demon transform. Sera was also used in this experiment for her singing to calm the demons if any were to get out of hand.

Another association is formed called the Lokapala, lead by Greg(Loopa), as they protest against the will to live through demon transformation. Those who disobeyed the Karma Association built a city underground to live.

The sequel has lots of conflict going on to keep the story going.

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