Info: Betrayal;

When you arrive at the destination, Coordinate 136, you find yourself at Destiny Land. Here, you'll learn the story of the two princes and princess. This story actually has a connection to what occurred 5 years ago in the real world.

1st floor: "This story took place not long ago...In a certain kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess with mysterious powers. Her powers were very special, for they protected the country and drove away hardship. However, one day, an evil being captured the princess, and planned to use her power for evil...She was imprisoned high up in a tall tower. In a neighboring kindom, there lived two princes, who happened to be close friends of the princess. One prince was always kind...The other was brash and took a liking to violence. Thus, behind their backs, people began calling them the "good prince" and the "evil prince." Infact the princess was secretly in love with the good prince."

3rd floor: "Just as the princess loved the good prince, the evil prince was madly in love with the princess. He often interfered with the princess and her love. But despite his machinations, her feelings for the good prince never wavered."

4th floor: "Once the princess was captured, it wasn't long before the princes came to the tower. However, the evil prince, in his hatred of the good prince, challenged him to a duel. There, in front of the princess, the two men faced each other...and the duel began!"

6th floor: "However..." (The rest is unreadable...)

7th floor: "The truly good prince was struck by a blow from the truly evil prince before he completed his plan. The princess collapsed in front of the tragically slain body, and sunk into deep sadness. Her heart was overcome with despair, and that power called forth great destruction."

The story foreshadows of past events you'll be able to see in the real world. No there were really no princes involved and neither was there princess. Put into place of those people are actually the love triangle between Serph, Sera, and Heat. In the story, Heat would be the truly good prince, Serph the truly evil prince, and Sera as the princess with the mysterious power.

5 years ago, Sera created her own imaginary play world. Destiny Land was one of the places in her world. I find this a little ironic, seeing as the story was placed in her world when she created it. Then in her time, the story would be foretelling the event of what would happen next. Because later on, she does find that the real Serph was truly evil and the one she found to be scary(Heat) was actually a good person trying to protect her. Her grief had caused the flow between her and the communication with the sun uncontrollable which caused the solar blackening.

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