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Special trailer: When I refer to trailer, I mean the one that was featured on Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniacs.

In the special trailer, Argilla already has her Atma mark at the beginning(the same with Serph but the scene it's shown in goes by too fast), it is completely removed in the finalized version since they don't receive their marks until after the light shoots through them. Also the colors in the trailer were much brighter than dark, this was of course changed.

A scene only to be found in the opening squence. Those thought Serph actually talked since you see his mouth moving in this scene but in the game he doesn't. The parts where they span out to Argilla, Heat, Cielo, and Gale were edited out of the English version opening.

The two above images are of the same scene but the graphic texture is different. The first image of Serph is from the opening sequence while the second is an in-game cut scene.

Same as the above description. The image is from the opening movie but it's not the same put in the game. The angles were altered a bit and was shown as an in-game cut scene so the graphics weren't so smooth like in the FMVs.

A small change. In the game Argilla yells, "Stop!" while shooting at Assignment tribe members(right picture). In the special trailer, Argilla just yells and her gun is not lifted. The camera angles of this scene are different as well. In the English version, she tells Harley to "Shut up!" rather than yell stop.

A scene from the special trailer. In this image, Heat is infront of a doorway but in the finalized version of the game, crates are behind him.

Other scenes that aren't present in the game. The first appearance of Sera had a pink aura around her, not green. The scene of Serph is maybe just...a scene of Serph.^^;

Though these images were shown in the opening sequence, they were no where to be found while playing the game. One might guess it's the ending to the sequel but...

More edits from the game. Left image is a scene at Muladahara where Sera is singing while Cielo and Gale are watching over her. Cielo is suppose to be present in that image but I guess they haven't added him in at the time. The second image is the the last battle with Bat. Heat is shown in this battle but shouldn't since he was taking care of Sera at the time.

A scene that was editted out of the English version opening sequence. There were two scenes that show an overlayed image of the cat in the Japanese version. The English version just has the scene of the cat appearing when they show the plant pod.

If you watch the special trailer, there's a scene showing the Embryon base, Muladahara and what looks like Assignment tribe soldiers(or maybe Embryon members in their clothing style?) walking up the stairs and whatnot. In the game, the camera view has been changed with the first introduction of Muladahara and the soliders look different.

A scene I don't think was even shown in the game. I played the game numerous times but don't exactly remember this scene, so I'm guessing it was either taken out or I just wasn't paying attention. If anyone can tell me where this scene is from, I'd appreciate it.

In this scene, the text says "Assignments patharch -Harly- check 1" in both the JP and ENG videos. Harly is a spelling error as it's suppose to be Harley.

The press turn icons were changed to honeycombs in the finalized version. It doesn't seem the words "player" is kept tacked on either.

Earlier released screens have somewhat different angles to the original scene. It's a small difference so you'd hardly even notice it. That's pretty much it.

Even in the finalized version mistakes still remain. Notice that Jenna's Karma symbol is fine but in other scenes, they forgot to cut it out.

(Thanks Apollon for catching this one!) These are shots from the unfinished version. Notice how the HP/MP slots were MG/SP before. Varna's name is spelled out as Varnani in katakana(guess this should of gave us a hint?).

Upgrades from the DDS1 to DDS2:
New playable characters
Extras from the DDS1 game save
Transformation scenes are much closer and clearer
Human linkage skills were fixed(two to three man linkages)
Mantra board changes to Mantra hex grid
Attachable and useful karma rings
Heal option on menu screen(kills your MP though)

There were a few name changes in the English version:
Assignments - > Vanguards
Merrybell -> Maribel
Hounds -> Wolves
Brutish -> Brutes
Techno Shaman -> Cyber Shaman
Mick the Nick -> Mick the Slug
Loopa -> Lupa
Varon -> Varin
Roald -> Roland
Cuvier -> Culvier
Rasetsu mode -> Berserker mode

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