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- The worlds:
- Junkyard: A simulated world created by the techno shaman. Although the game is based heavily on Indian(Hindu) elements. I believe some of the structures was also taken from Arabic and European culture. The building structures of Manipura, the Citadel, and Destiny Land(the Disneyland castle anyone?) come to mind.

- Real World: Based on the actual 'world' and not some made up universe. A majority of the world is in ruins while others strive to live in a huge dome controlled by the Karma Association. Then there are those who are against the orders of the Karma Association and choose to live underground. (Mentions of North & South America are made...)

- Nirvana: Inside the sun. The true Nirvana from what the people of Junkyard were promised. A beautiful world consisted of huge lotus flowers with the petals flowing in the atmosphere freely and water lilies sitting still in the water. Nirvana is one of the coolest places in DDS that you'll ever walk upon(or at least, I thought so). It's pretty obvious to those that the world was actually based on the lotus flower itself(the meaning of the lotus flower is "birth").

- The clothing:
- Tribes: Those who reside in the Junkyard have grey wet suit-like uniforms generic to each other. The only thing that makes them different from each other is the way the uniform is customized, color coded, and the design on their uniform.

  * Embryon: Their tribe color is orange. Most of the tribe members have uniforms generic to the leader. You can tell which are male and female members from the top jacket they wear. Though each main individual is different from each other: Heat(cape), Argilla(open jacket, long skirt w/ slits), Cielo(shorts, no jacket), Gale(hood, capris, no jacket), and Sera(white top, bottom, and socks, wore a skirt).

  * Assignments: Their tribe color is green. They seemed to be be more heavily covered than the other tribes. The men wear wrappings/scarfs around their head and neck. The women's uniform is similar to Argilla's except their skirts are zipped. A lot of the members wear turbans/caps.

  * Merrybell: Their tribe color is red. They are more 'showy' with their clothing and have a punkish theme to themselves. With outrageous hair styles and make-up, I'd say they are the most unique out of the whole Junkyard. I find it funny that they're rivals are the Solid tribe. The rest shouldn't be too hard to figure out...^^;

  * Solid: Their tribe color is yellow. They're a bit half and half with their clothing(some covered and some that show-off some leg). I'd say that their leader reminds me of a pimp with the big coat he's wearing. You can tell that they have more of an hip-hop theme to them(especially with some of the guys trying to say a rap). They're also the only tribe that wears shades.

  * Hounds: Their tribe color is white. It seems that their theme of clothing runs more on Native Americanism. Loopa, their tribe leader has a necklace containing tag rings of maybe the fallen members of his tribe. They wear white make-up on their face and body and sometimes have tied bands around their arms. Their rivals are the Brutish...isn't this one a bit funny too? Ah, weren't Native Americans against the English military long ago?^^; I'm being silly with all these references.

  * Brutish: Their tribe color is blue. They are more militarized than the other tribes(not to mention Colonel Beck is their leader, no surprise there). They're tribe uniform is camouflaged with blue and they do the same with the make-up on their face(easy to hide yourself you know...).

  * Karma Temple: Soldiers that hold the Karma insignia on their uniform. They're somewhat similar to the soldiers in the real world with the exception of the helmets being more rounder, having thick gloves, and the uniform being grey.

  * Destiny Land: I'm refering to the people in the images here. I think that the character Sera was highly influenced by European culture(seeing from the pictures in her house and over in Destiny Land). The portrait of the princess wears a dress similar to what young women of high social status wore back in old European times. The prince in the portrait actually reminds me of a character from the video game, Castlevania.

- Underground: The looks of clothing here is a bit of a mix. The men(except for the old) are usually dressed in BDUs(Battle Dress Uniforms) with a few adjustments of adding layers of clothing, vest, jackets, etc. Overall, the clothing of the people in the underground is nothing too special. It just goes to show the difference between the somewhat poor and the elite(Karma Association). Also, the majority of the kids and men wear newspaper boy hats(maybe because of the sun's harmful light).

- Karma Association(Present):
Everyone's attire is all white(the only skin showing is their face). I think the reason the color white was picked was because white is a color that reflects off the sun unlike darker colors. The majority of everyone's hair is black(but I've seen a few with dark grey or brown) and greyish blue eyes. Those who live in the Karma dome wear some sort of symbol that represents the association wheather it'd be a necklace or badge around the arm.

  * Leaders: Margot's attire consist of a long white dress. She wears white gloves on her hands and her wrist collars are fastened with two silver buttons with silver criss-cross designs. The thick neck collar carries the same designs. She wears plain white shoes(which are probably slip-ons) and like the citizens, wears tight white pants under. What makes her unique from the others is her black shades and odd headdress(I think women of high-class, back in the old European times used to wear them. It's also similar to the headdress the nurses use to wear).

The way Jenna dresses is quite understandable. Her outfit is a mix of a woman and man's attire(maybe to express her more and the fact she's an androgyne). She wears a thin and much longer coat with pants like the men. She's fitted with white gloves and her wrist collars have blank designs fastened with two silver buttons. She has ankle collars like the men do but hers have silver criss-cross designs on them. Her neck collar is the same as well with silver criss-cross designs, except she likes to leave hers unbuttoned(easy to talk?), unlike the men do. She wears white shoes but they seem to differ from Margot's design. Also, she wears the Karma symbol around her neck like everyone else.

  * Soldiers/Doctors: The first time I saw the soldiers of DDS, I instantly thought of the police force from The Fifth Element. Men aren't the only ones to protect the association, women fight as well. Their uniforms are no different and are also whole white with exception of the stripe on the front side of their chest. There are two colors: red and blue, which are to tell which division they serve under. Red for Jenna and blue for Margot. The Karma soldiers that stand out are probably the highest command, the Tribhvana, who have a few small adjustments to their uniforms(headbands, no helmets, caps, etc).

The doctor's attire is pretty simple. A long white lab coat with pants. They wear white gloves and the Karma insignia on their left shoulder. You can tell which are the doctors because they wear the white caps, face mask, and head sets.

  * Citizens: The woman dress the same and the men dress the same. There's basically no way of showing your individuality through their outfits beside their hair style. The women wear dresses that have slits on the side, they also wear pants to cover their legs. From their on, everything else is plain white(wrist and neck collar). The men's uniform consist of a long-sleeved coat with pants, like the women, everything else is plain white(neck and ankle collars). Their neck collars remain closed.

- Karma Association(5 years ago): Since the Karma Association was still being put up for construction, nothing was really settled at that very moment(Margot isn't wearing the Karma symbol around her neck). The doctors wore pretty much the same thing. The only difference was Jenna's old attire before she officially joined up with the association. A long lab coat with a short black dress with heels(much more womanly). The uniforms of the real Serph, Heat, and Argilla were also revealed. The real Serph and Heat both wore plain colored shirts with a long lab coat, white pants, and dark-colored shoes. The real Argilla's uniform was all white. From wearing a short white dress with pants, a nurse cap, gloves, etc. Colonel Beck's was also seen wearing his military uniform.

- The people:
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are with power and those who aren't with anything. These are the people are of the real world. Then there's those who look, feel, and think real...

- Karma City citizens: High-class and those living under the rules of the Karma City. A lot of the old structures that existed before the black sun incident are now constructed inside the dome. They live in the dome, feeling that man-kind can still be save with the protection from the sun that has been given to them.

- Lokapala citizens: Those of low-class and do not have high privilages of being protected by the black sun's light so they choose to live in the underground city lead by the Lokapala. They are people who have free rights rather than the laws that the Karma Association tries to force on them.

- Junkyard citizens: AI(artificial intelligence), people who lived in the Junkyard and never knew the real meaning of life except to fight each other. They were all created by the techno shaman and were to be used for future military procedures.

- Races: Since were talking about the real world, it's common to see many races of different cultures walking around in the cities, whether the person is Caucasian, African, European, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

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