Info: Relations;

- David & Jenna:
Probably the most true pairing through-out the game. Jenna and David go way back to where they were still researching the cuvier syndrome. Unlucky for David, he caught the disease and was placed in a hospital until a cure could be conducted. Bad luck strikes again as terrorist attack the hospital David was staying at. Jenna held him in her arms and insisted that he not leave her alone. His last words to her were to not be upset or hate, that she can live on without him. She is seen as a villian in the game but her reason for this was after the death of her lover. I believe that after his death, her heart became filled with anger and evil. I think this shows just how much she really loved him, that she couldn't even change herself.

- Serph & Sera:
What more can be said about thier relationship? They are the hero and heroine of the series, which sometimes states that they are meant to be together. Sera obviously had a huge crush on Serph which caused her to make her own AI model of him in her own world to hang out with. I find the AI and real Serph are much different. AI Serph cared a lot for Sera(refer to the sub-ending of part 1) and even goes out of his way to find her in the real world. In my opinion, I like them more as an older brother caring for a sister kind of relationship. Especially since Serph showed no signs of 'love affection' for Sera.

- Real Serph & young Sera:
Fake, fake, fake relationship! I don't blame Sera for this one considering she's only a child and couldn't see that Serph was manipulating her into thinking he was this great, kind, and caring guy. Real Serph's relationship was to show that he really liked her but in reality he was only using her. How cruel that can be when you find that someone you love a lot does this to you.

- Heat & Sera:
I feel that he has mixed feelings toward Sera. It shows that he it's hard for him to express his emotions so he uses force rather than words. I'm sure Heat is just confused about the real feelings he has inside for Sera. He remembers her from somewhere but what relationship did they hold? Friends? Family? Lovers? I think those are the questions Heat wants answer. Though I guess whatever the result may be, good or bad. He is always there to protect her.

- Real Heat & young Sera:
Heat's younger sister had died from the cuvier disease before he applied into the Karma Association. I happen to think that Heat is trying to make up for what was lost. He cares and loves Sera as if she was his own little sister. Though it seems that Sera has her eyes only set on Serph and refers to Heat as the "scary" older brother when he is actually the opposite.

- Argilla & Jinana:
Two women that are no different from each other. Their meeting came off a little uneasy. Argilla forces her opinion on surviving in the Junkyard to Jinana was her not to eat anybody. Before Jinana's full transformation, she tells Argilla she felt the same way, that her reasoning for surviving in this world was not to eat the useless. Argilla lets out a cry and before Jinana dies, she was finally able to tell her that they have become friends.

- Cielo & Gale:
A boy who is too out-going and a man that's too serious. One might think they don't get along but that isn't true. Though Cielo happens to call Serph his 'Aniki'(respectful way of saying older brother). I think that the brotherly relationship is much stronger with Cielo and Gale(like Serph is with Heat).

More to be added soon!

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