Info: Schroedinger;

A black cat with a silver tip on the right side of it's ear, he has a collar which holds the bell sign of clarion around his neck(which can be mistaken for the two heads of Agni, this shows there must of been a connection between him and Heat). He was seen in the first game through small appearances, while watching over Serph, helping out Cielo, and the first for Embryon to figure out he was the only animal ever seen in the Junkyard.

He also appears in the sequel and watches over not only Embryon but the Karma Association as well. When Serph is floating inside the EGG construction(where Sera is found), Schroedinger introduces himself and shows the past of the real Serph, Heat, and the others 5 years ago. This allows AI Serph to encounter the real and fake Serph, not in a battle alone but along side the real Heat. (It's also stated that the real Heat had a cat named Schroedinger whom he presented to Sera when she was young. Though the Schroedinger from the real Heat's past and the Schroedinger now are not related.)

It's still a mystery of what and who Schroedinger is. In the end, where Schroedinger turns into the same being as Seraph, it's stated that the meaning of "I am you, you are me." are true. That they are one in the same.

(Thanks to Kouli for this explanation):
There are hints given out that Schroedinger is the incarnation of Brahman(a present life in a present body). He is called Clarion(the anti-Earth), which is also the atma(soul) of Seraph. Clarion runs oppose to Earth's rotation and exists on the other side of the sun(something of a parallel universe). Brahman, himself is made up of information(like the majority of things made in the real world) but still exist as a higher level being. As he talks of "fighting yourself" refers to becoming one with him.


Information of Serph + Sera -> Seraph -> faces Brahman(himself) -> Brahman = Schroedinger/Clarion = Seraph.

Some hints I noticed was that before you take off to fight Brahman, you descend on a lotus flower. On the game over screens, Schroedinger sits upon a lotus flower and the words, "Om Mani Padome Hm" appear on the screen.

*Note: Who is Brahman?
Brahman is the final boss you'll ever have to face who uses all elements and has no weaknesses. Brahman is apart of Hindu mythology and is the senior member of the Trimurti and is known as the creator. The other two gods that are part of the Trimurti are Vishnu(Preserver) and Shiva(Destroyer). In later times, he was symbolized as the supreme eternal deity whose essences spreads through out the entire universe.

*Note: Though many may think that the wheel that spins atop/inside of Brahman is a 'save terminal' from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, I believe they are the Tibetan Mani wheels/prayer wheels.

(Thanks to Apollon and Eltdct for this explanation):
The wheel that spins atop of Brahman does not contain the scripts of prayers but is instead the signs of DNA(infinite data).


- What is the thoery behind Schroedinger?
Schroedinger's Cat was a experimental theory thought up by Erwin Schroedinger. The experiment consisted of a 50% chance that the cat was alive and a 50% chance that the cat was dead at the same time inside a box. A through-out explanation can be found here, here, and here.

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