• Info: Seraph;

Seraph is the ultimate being formed by the information of Serph and Sera before they reached Nirvana. The right side consisting of Serph and the left side consisting of Sera.

The Seraphim are beings of pure light and have direct communication with God, which was the purpose of Serph and the others trying to reach Nirvana. Though only the data combination of Serph and Sera was able to do that. The rest of the cast were just mere information of your party.

Seraph's avatar is Alder(or if your prefer Aldernalisuvara or Ardhanarishvara which stand for "Androgynous Lord") is the same as Serph and Sera. The god Shiva and goddess Parvati form the body of Alder. Like Serph, Shiva is the right side and like Sera, Parvati is the left side. Their formation represented the inseparable union of Universal male and female.

Something else I found interesting...
Serph -> Varna
Sera -> Varnani
Varna and Varna are husband and wife.
It's obvious, unlike the others, Serph's and Sera mythological background stays more in tune.

Jenna Angel -> Hari Hara
Hari -> Vishnu
Hara -> Shiva
Jenna is the 'parent' of Sera. Sera's name also has a relation with Jenna's last name, Angel.

Meaningful skills:
Vaikunta -> which she uses as she is in Hari's form, the word means 'the heaven of Vishnu'.
Bhairava(भैरव) -> which she uses as she is in Hara's form, the word means 'terrifying form of Shiva'. (If anyone knows the Sanskrit written around the Vatuka Yantra, please e-mail me!)

Meanings of Hari Hara:
Hari -> A title made upon Vishnu(destroyer of sins) and other supreme Gods. It gives off the meaning of "One who destroys samsara, which is the entanglement in the cycle of birth and death, along with ignorance, its cause." In Sanskrit, the meaning of the word is 'yellow' as the color of the Sun and Soma(ritual drink) or 'lion'.
Hara -> A title made upon Shiva(regenerator) and other supreme Gods. It is the vital energy center of the human body.

Angel is quite similar to her demon form as well...
Jenna sports black hair and a white uniform as to Hari Hara, one side if black and the other is white. Vishnu is depicted as the black side as Shiva is the right. All forms of Hari Hara's spell formation, stances, and movements are the same as Seraph's in battle. Many may wonder why they choose Hari Hara as an avatar for a woman. The gods Vishnu and Shiva are sometimes described as genderless/male/female. The same goes for Jenna considering she was born androgyne(one who bears male and female reproductive organs).

In other worlds, Seraph and Jenna are much alike each other. They're condition of being an androgynous person as well as they're demons. The relations with the names meaning the same thing and the battle stances of their demon forms.
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