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"No, please."

"We cannot go back. I now know. Man should return to the origin and leap into the truth."

"That's not true."

"You, like me, need only what was lost."

"Stop it."

"I will release the berserk fury the last beasts that lurk in them...the devils."


The world of Digital Devil Saga first takes places in Junkyard, a city of endless rain and smoke. You take control of the Embryon tribe leader, Serph and his comrades: Heat, Gale, Argilla, and Cielo. In this world, your only purpose is to obey the laws that were given to the tribes of Junkyard by the Karma Temple.

The laws were that those who defeat an opposing tribe will take over the remaining tribe members. The tribe who is left and has defeated all the other tribe leaders will descend to Nirvana, a promise land. It was like an endless cycle to Serph and the others. Their purpose was to keep fighting to reach this promised paradise not even knowing what it was.

Though, Serph and the others lives start to change when they meet a mysterious girl with black hair named Sera. Her memory is a blur to her but she knows one thing, that she came to Junkyard to help them. Upon Sera's arrival, everyones emotions start to open up and more questions are floating about. A woman by the name of Angel in the Karma Temple orders that the tribes defeat one another and that remaining tribe bring 'the black-haired girl' to her. Once this happens, they will be presented with the land of Nirvana.

Now the real mission of Serph and the others begin as they try to discover who Sera really is, what Angel's purpose is, and of course, figure out who they are.

- The continuation...?

"Are you ready for the real world?"

You can say that the sequel is the true beginning of Digital Devil Saga. The world presented in the sequel is infact, the real world. Though it is plaqued by a horrible skin hardening disease called 'cuvier syndrome' caused by the black sun's rays. The only way to survive under the sun without catching the disease is through demon transformation. The demons can soak their skin in the sun's rays without worrying about catching the disease.

Upon arriving among a wasteland rather than the paradise they were promised, Serph and the others try and unlock all the answers to the questions they had before they arrive in the real world. They not alone as they are given help by the Anti-Karma Association group, Lokapala who are against their ways of demon transformation forced upon the Karma Association. Those who disobey the ways live in an underground city. Sera also fights along side the Embryon for the first time. You'll finally be able to witness the true power of which she holds.

As Serph and the others make their way through the real world, they discover more than they have expected to. Will they survive this hell? Or will they die? And will Nirvana ever be reached? The answers finally all lie in this sequel.

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