Info: Karma;

- Name: Jenna Angel
- Age: Around her late-20's?
- Sex: Female...
- Hair color: Black (Future: Reddish brown)
- Eye color: Greyish blue (Future: Reddish brown)
- Demon form: Hari Hara
- Weapon: N/A

- Profile: Jenna Angel was not seen in the beginning of the game, you only heard her voice which still gave her off as a mysterious person. She tells the tribes of a paradise called Nirvana but in order to reach it, they must battle each other for it and bring along the girl, Sera. When you find out Jenna's true intentions about Sera, Nirvana, and the world of Junkyard, you fight her and as a result of her losing, Embryon and the others make it to the real world.

- Highlight for DDS2 spoilers:
In the real world, you find she is a woman of high status(Chief Director) and leads a faction of the Karma Association. A scientist of intelligence, she holds a deep concern over an incident that has happened in the past. Jenna Angel holds the atma symbol, Maelstrom(located above her chest) which allows her to transform into the demon Hari Hara.

Jenna is a woman who is just generally misunderstood. You learn that she was born an androgyne(a person who holds female and male reproductive organisms), which was a birth defect caused by the sun. Growing up, she became an environmentalist and was the first to figure out that the disease lies within the sun's rays. As a cure was being conducted, her lover, David had caught the disease and an attempt to save him was too late. This incident may have caused her to be what she is now, a cruel and unforgiving woman. When Gale tells her of David's soul inside him and that he loves her, she refuses to accepts the truth, kills him and he in return, kills her.

Her data is sent to the sun and depending on the choices you made in the game, Seraph will be able to receive the powers her. Since Jenna died before she can reach enlightenment, she was reborn.

- Name meaning: Jena Enjeru; The name Jenna comes from English origin meaning "small bird". Angel comes from the Greek origin meaning "angelic".

- Demon form: Jenna Angel's avatar is Hari Hara who is the final boss of the first game. She uses all elements and has no weakness. Hari Hara is apart of Hindu mythology and is a fused deity of two major Hindu gods: Vishnu(Hari) and Shiva(Hara).


- Name: Madame Margot Cuvier
- Age: 65
- Sex: Female
- Hair color: N/A
- Eye color: N/A
- Demon form: N/A
- Weapon: N/A

- Profile: Madame Margot is a merit of the elite society, the Karma Association. She is a peaceful and knowledgeable woman who brings out the intellect and culture vibe to Karma city. She also leads a faction of the Karma association but holds a much higher status than Jenna. She was the first to take note of the disease(because of that, it's named after her) which is why she was put under management over re-organizing the Karma Association. So in order to save the exsisting people in the world, a dome is built over Karma city to protect them from the disease caused by the black sun.

She and Jenna don't really see eye to eye on certain things involving Sera so she is later killed by her by a bullet to the head but her data is sent to the sun along with the other main cast.

- Name meaning: Marugo; The name Margot comes from French origin meaning "pearl" or "child of light".

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