Info: Lokapala;

- Name: Roald
- Age: N/A
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Blonde
- Eye color: Blue
- Demon form: Indra
- Weapon: Shotgun
- Changed: In the US version, his name is changed to Roland

- Profile: A failed novelist, Roald took over Lokapala after the first leader, Greg had died. He is a very intelligent man and was introduced to Serph and the others by Fred. Since the death of his friend, who he blames himself for, he drowns himself in alcohol and not only upsetting the citizens of Underground but Fred(Greg's son) as well. His meeting with Serph has seemed to move his life forward. Roald has the atma symbol, Lightning Bolt(located on his left hand) which allows him to transform into the demon Indra.

Roald is assumed to be killed by Meganada when Argilla goes back to rescue him but before they both die, he pulls a switch to overload the power in the Power Plant causing it to blow up.

His data is sent to the sun and fights one last battle with you(depening on the choices you made in the game).

- Name meaning: Roarudo; The name Roald comes from Teutonic origin meaning "fame power".
Roorando; The name Roland comes from German origin meaning "famous in the land". (US version name)

- Demon form: Roald's avatar is Indra who uses the element of electricity and has a weakness to earth. Indra is apart of Hindu mythology and is the supreme ruler of the gods. He is the son of Dyuas and Prithivi. Later he became leader of the Devas and becomes known as the god of thunder. He defended the gods and mankind against the forces of evil in the world.


- Name: Fred
- Age: N/A
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Black
- Eye color: Greyish blue
- Demon form: N/A
- Weapon: N/A

- Profile: After the death of his father, he was raised by Roald for the time being. He's disappointed by the negative attitude Roald gives off but especially because the promise of his father coming back home was never kept. He has an olive leaf in his remembrance but also as a symbol of peace. Fred is a kind and strong-hearted young kid with a bright personality. When he and his friend are rescued by Embryon from the Karma Association, he immediately introduces him to Roald and the alliance, Lokapala who his father, Greg was the first leader of before he died. Fred then later creates a special friendly bond with the Embryon members, especially Gale.

In present time, you see him as an adult talking with the children, Gale and Jenna.

- Name meaning: Furedo; The name Fred comes from Teutonic origin meaning "peaceful ruler". It's a short version of the name Frederick.


- Name: Adil
- Age: N/A
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Black
- Eye color: Light brown
- Demon form: N/A
- Weapon: N/A

- Profile: Adil is a member of the the Anti-Karma Association group, Lokapala. He is most likely the second-hand man to Roald. Though he looks down on those carrying the curse of the atma mark, after Roald conceives it, his loyalty toward him does not change. After he begins to see the protection Serph has toward others and his leader, he begins to praise the man as a hero. He is later killed by a huge demon called Meganada that Jenna sends out on the Lokapala troops in the Power Plant.

- Name meaning: Adiru; The name Adil comes from the Arabic origin meaning "justice" or "to act justly".

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