Info: Real;

- Name: Serph Sheffield
- Age: 16-17
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Dark grey
- Eye color: Grey
- Demon form: Varna

- Profile: A young boy who majored in Psychology and joined the Karma Association to participate in the 'God Project'. Argilla assist him in his research and he has a close bond with Sera. A greedy person who wanted the power of a God and would do anything to get his way. Knowing that certain procedures in gaining power would mean killing Sera, his heart was too evil and could careless to what would happen to her. When Sera finds out his true colors, she brings chaos upon the world which caused the sun to darken. The black sun might've had certain side effects causing Serph to transforms into Varna and cause terror to the people around him. He is later killed because of his cruel actions.

The AI model of Serph created by Sera is shown with silver hair and silver swim shorts.

- Name meaning: Shiefiido; The surname Sheffield comes from Old English meaning "open field".


- Name: Heat O'Brien
- Age: 18
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Light brown
- Eye color: Light brown
- Demon form: Agni

- Profile: A young man who majored to be a gene therpy doctor, most likely due to the death of his younger sister from the cuvier disease. He joined the Karma Association to further his studies. Though he shows care for Sera, his attitudes makes it hard to connect with her. He is against the procedures of Serph's idea of becoming a God and tries to convince the other members of the Karma Association to stop but nothing goes right. When he tries to stop Serph himself, he is shot by Argilla.

The AI model of Heat created by Sera is shown with red hair and red swim shorts.

- Name meaning: Oburaien; O'Brien is a Irish surname. The use of the Celtic prefix O' sometimes suggested they were Catholic. The meaning of the surname is confusing as it may have come from different origins.


- Name: Argilla
- Age: 17
- Sex: Female
- Hair color: Dirty blonde
- Eye color: Light blue

- Profile: A young woman who works as a nurse and took care of Sera along with the Heat and Serph. Though she seems very affectionate toward Serph which most likely makes her a target that is easily to manipulate. The scene when Serph and Heat argue about the killing of Sera, it was assumed that the Serph had killed Heat when shown in Sera's flashback but it was Argilla who shot him. She is later devouer by Varna.

The AI model of Argilla created by Sera is shown with pink hair and a pink bikini.


- Name: Terrence E. Beck
- Age: N/A
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Black w/ two white streaks
- Eye color: Grey

- Profile: A colonel of the military who wanted to use to the power of the techno shaman, Sera to construct an AI battle training field. Colonel Beck's idea was that each of the AI tribes would battle each other in Junkyard and those suceeding in defeating one another would be taken out, put into chips, and implanted into soldiers for military usage. Though he later walks in while Sera's power is running wild which caused Serph to become a demon. Like Argilla, he is also killed by Varna. The AI body that is modeled after him seems is a bit younger version of him.

- Name meaning: Terensu Bekku; The name Terrence comes from Irish origin meaning "tender". The name Beck comes from the Swedish origin meaning "brook".


- Name: David
- Age: Early 20's when he died
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Light orange
- Eye color: Light blue

- Profile: A man who worked along side of Jenna. Though he had caught the cuvier disease and was stationed at the Cuvier Syndrome Isolation Ward. As Jenna was in the middle of figuring out the cure for the disease, the hospital David was staying in was attacked by the ignorance of terrorist and was burned down. He then died in her arms. His soul flows into the body of Gale.

- Name meaning: Deibitto; The name David comes from Hebrew origin meaning "beloved".


No picture
- Name: Cielo
- Age: Around 8-13?
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: Light brown
- Eye color: Light brown

- Profile: A young boy of Latin/Black(?) race coming from South America. He was one of the 19 candidates used to be a techno shaman. Though he was a failure to become one and died of insanity due to he couldn't withstand the power of telepathy that was to be used in the 'God Project'. A cheerful boy, he and Sera were the first to meet each other and became good friends.

The AI model of Cielo created by Sera is shown with sky blue hair and sky blue swim shorts.


No picture
- Name: Gregg
- Age: N/A
- Sex: Male
- Hair color: N/A
- Eye color: N/A

- Profile: A man who formed an alliance called Lokapala, father to Fred, and best friend to Roald. They were against the Karma Assoication ways of demon transformation, so they continued to live in a city underground. He dies in battle and his soul flowed into the body of Loopa. Though even after his death, his charismatic attitude is spread throughout the citizens of the Underground City.

- Name meaning: Gureggu; The name Greg comes from Celtic origin meaning "fierce".


The AI Serph, Heat, Argilla, and Cielo differ in some ways from the real counterparts. Some have personalities that differ from each other, while others remain the same(i.e.: Real Heat and Cielo are alike to their AI models). Varon, Gale, and Loopa on the other hand, are models with souls from the real world and past. They experienced different memories from what the AI Serph, Heat, Argilla, and Cielo models witnessed.

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