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- The ending of Digital Devil Saga part 1:
The scene goes on to tell of a virus that Angel was working on for about 5 years already. The virus had to do with the dealings of how humans are able to transform into demons. Apparently, the people(or rather, the data) of Junkyard were the ones to be tested with this project.

Sera, knowing that everyone in Junkyard will be destroyed, leaves in hoping that Serph and the others don't get involved. In other words, she'll take care of things. She tries and talks it out with Angel, telling her to leave but it doesn't turn out so good. It seems that Angel is satisfied that her plan was fulfilled.

Serph and the rest of Embryon arrive but Sera tells them not to come and stops them in their tracks. She begins to leave with Angel but before she goes, she tells Serph and the others that she was glad that she was able to still say good-bye to them. Though this doesn't stop Serph and Heat as they begin to walk toward her, trying to break out of her force. Sera tells Serph that it'd be no use for him to do such a thing and tries to stop him from moving again. It seems that Sera is unable to control the power over Serph. Angel smirks, walks down toward Sera, and grabs at her head. Serph instantly transforms into Varna and charges at Angel from above but she is able to block his attack. She then turns into Hari Hara and the final boss battle begins.

After the battle, Angel and Varna attack each other once more. Angel blocks his attack with a green orb(which was seen when she and Sera were arguing) but I'm guessing the impact of Varna's attack must have destroyed it and they are both knocked away from each other. Junkyard is disappearing(and fast) so the others rush to the gate where Angel came from. Gale approaches Angel and gets her to leave with them but before she grabs his hand she has sort of a flashback which means they may have known each other from the past.

Everyone is near the gate already except for Serph who is jumping his way toward the stairs. They all turn back to him but apparently he doesn't make it and the surroundings around them explode. Cielo, Heat, Argilla, Gale, and Angel are then seen floating in a white atmosphere. Sera and Serph try their best to reach out for each other hands but they don't make it. Sera smiles, cries, and says something along the lines of "Surely..." to where Serph nods and fades out. Sera is shown again and the screen fades out to the credits.

After the credits, there is a scene with Sera, out of what look likes the same pod-like plant(a machine now) that was shown in the beginning of the game. The screen then fades to what seems to be the real world. Serph, who is by himself, has a flashback of Sera and walks off into the deserted city as the screen spans out to a black sun. The last words seen are, "Are you ready for the real world?"

*Note: Sorry for the poor quality of these(I need to get a capture card!). These screens were recorded by my digital camera and capped by me.

- The ending of Digital Devil Saga part 2:
As the final boss, Brahman is destroyed, the rest of your team mates smile at Seraph and begin to fade away. Alone and crying, it seems that Seraph has managed to reach true enlightenment and break the cycle of reincarnation. She realizes that what the humans did was wrong(which is the reason for the Earth being wasteland?) and the one word that they never seemed to figure out(it's not revealed to us what it is though).

Schroedinger shows up and turns into the same form of Seraph and goes on to say that they will both travel to many worlds. The scene then spans out to the Earth and shows the sun rising. Everyone is finally relieved that they are able to go out into the sunlight without having to worry about catching the cuvier disease.

Fred cries but wipes away his tears to show that he is stronger than that. It then fades out into the present time where we see the older Fred(as seen in the beginning of the game). The young Gale is called out by the other children and turns to grab the young Jenna's hand to follow the others. Fred then thinks to himself, that those who bear the same name(Serph, Sera, etc.) be happy. As they're running with the others, Jenna turns and says to Fred, "It'll be okay." to which Fred smiles and follows. (If you're confused about the children in the beginning, since the main cast died and never reached the point of enlightenment, they were reborn.)

"Shan-ti Shan-ti..."


*Note: Sorry for the poor quality of these(I need to get a capture card!). These screens were recorded by my digital camera and capped by me.

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