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*Note: Credit goes to MonkeyKing for typing up the timeline. I tried my best to translate it with a translator but I'm sure it makes sense. I also added a few of my notations to the timeline as well as expanded it.

- From the year 199X-2030 time period:
- The worlds environment worsens.

- Plant life starts to deteriorate. The sun's rays start to become harmful. Over a period of time, the petrification disease starts.

- Madame Margot Cuvier becomes the first to discover the disease and dubs the name 'Cuvier Syndrome'. She emits a warning to others.

- The younger sister of the college student, Heat dies from the petrification sickness.

- The world environmental protection organization scholar, Jenna Angel discovers the sicknesses roots lie in the sun's rays.

- Jenna and David continue further research with the Cuvier syndrome. Their is an increase in the Cuvier syndrome. Rumors fly out about the infection and terrorism begins to generate.

- The lover of Jenna Angel, David, becomes infected with the disease. He stays in a hospital, only for it to be attacked by the ignorant acts of terrorist. He dies in the arms of Angel. Partial of David's information flows into Junkyard afterwards into the body of Gale.

- The world environmental protection organization puts Madame Margot under management over re-organizing the Karma Association. Jenna Angel joins the Karma Association soon after.

- The Karma Association starts the 'God Project'. They then make a connection with the army.

- The HAARP facility, short for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program becomes the Karma Association's first issue experimental center. Uses the giant radio telescope to direct on sun transmitted information. The system needs humanity's consciousness to take the information flow to the core.

- The construction of EGG becomes successful. Sera is born shortly after.

- Karma Association transfer to EGG for the center of experimintation.

- Young scholars, Serph(majored in Psychology at Davenport college) and Heat(studied to become a gene therpy doctor at Berkeley college) from the University of Yale, an Ivy league school attend to the experiment. The nurse, Argilla accompanies Heat and Serph. She seemed to grow affectionate to Serph...

*Note: The Ivy League is an association of eight American universities, named for the ivy plants traditionally covering their older buildings. The term "Ivy League" has connotations of academic excellence, as well as a certain amount of elitism. These schools are also sometimes affectionately referred to as the Ancient Eight.

- 18 have died over the experiment, including the boy from South America, Cielo, who died of madness. Only successful survivor is Sera(#19). Successfully communicates with God at the age of 2.

- The year 2018-20:
- In a day long experiment, Sera becomes depressed, she constructs an imaginary space in data stream.

- Artificial models Serph, Heat, Argilla are made. Though her close friend Cielo is already dead, she has made an artifical body for him as well. They accompany Sera's consciousness to play.

- Sera's imaginary world is discovered.

- Colonel Beck, head of the military plans to expand this space for an AI training battle field. Serph takes notice of his plan.

- Stage 1 - Asura project, Junkyard is created. AI does not know of emotions and only of slaughtering.

*Note: What are Asura? The major avatars are given this name, such as Varna, Usas, Vritra, etc. Their names in Sanskrit means "power hungry" but they are also known as supreme spirits. They are not gods, their name gives it away as the "a" give off negative fix and "sura" means "a god". Asura="not a god". Colonel Beck's purpose was to take the most supreme AIs(the leaders being Asuras) and be placed in soldiers of the military.

- Before the deletion, Sera conceals the data of AI Serph, Heat, Argilla, and Cielo into Junkyard.

- Serph and Heat have disputes over the experimintation. Argilla shoots Heat.

- Sera sees the incident which causes her consciousness to go out of control. The turbluent flow of information causes an earthquake; there's a solar blackening, the sunlight institute as well as everything else turns into a petrified desert.

- Serph becomes a demon destroying numerous people. (Argilla & Beck are killed by Varna.) Someone(unknown) becomes Meganada and makes a scene with Varna. Meganada then becomes imprisoned in ice. Serph/Varna is later killed because of his actions.

- Many of the Karma Association faculty died with the exception of Madame Margot and Angel.

- After the solar blackening, the population has reduced. Nations collapse(the USA no longer exist). Soldiers are put into Junkyard.

- The project Junkyard that has been sealed, was put aside for 5 years.

- The year 2025:
- The time that 5 years went by, the inhabitants of Junkyard repeatedly goes in a circles: slaughtering, death, the regeneration Samsara. Six tribes are formed.

- Observations over Varna and Meganada have shown Madame Margot and Angel that humanity may still have a chance. The demons are able to soak in the sun's ray without catching the sickness.

*Note: Why are the demons only able to survive under the sun's rays? Sun= God, Sunlight= God's authority, Devil/Demons= has the authority which the ability revolts against the god.

- The Karma Association influences the ability of demon transform. Those who object to it are to live underground(a city is formed). The Karma Association soldiers hunt for humans in the Underground City.

- An Anti-Karma Assocation(Lokapala) is formed. It's first leader is, Greg, who dies on the battlefield. His information flows into the Junkyard and becomes Loopa. Roald takes over as the next leader for Lokapala.

- Angel secretly seals devil virus investment, Junkyard. She wants to obtain the strongest devil.

- To save AI Serph and the others, Sera forces herself into Junkyard. Her consequence leads to losing her memory.

- Events of DDS1 take place:
- Battle at Ground Zero between Embryon and the Assignments. A plant pod emites a light causing the two tribes to have a demon transformation. A mysterious girl is discovered.

- Harley at Svadhisthana dies from Serph, Heat, and Argilla.

- The mysterious girl is known as Sera. She has no memories of events before she arrived at Junkyard. Her song holds a strange power.

- A meeting with all tribes leaders is held at the Karma Temple. Angel looks for the girl with black hair. No other information is given about her.

- Embryon and the Merrybell tribe join forces against the Solid tribe.

- Bat betrays the Merrybell and joins the Solid tribe. Jinana is beaten up by Mick. She dies from the rough battle with Serph, Heat, and Argilla.

- Serph, Heat, Argilla, and Gale have a battle with Bat at Manipura. He escapes and Heat leaves the party, heading for Muladhara.

- Sera is kidnapped by Mick and Bat and taken to Coordinate 136.

- Bat betrays the Solids for the Brutish tribe. Mick is killed and Sera is rescued. Everyone arrives at the ship.

- Sera and Heat leave for the new hideout. Serph, Gale, Cielo, and Argilla(disguised as Sera) set bombs in the ship. Argilla is used as a distraction for Bat.

- Varon Omega calls himself by Colonel Beck. Seems to recall everything from the past and knows the true identity of Angel.

- The ship blows up along with Bat still inside.

- Everyone arrives at the new hideout. A meeting with the Hounds tribe is arranged at Svadhisthana.

- Loopa helps you out and recalls things known as dreams, parents, and children. Things that don't exist in Junkyard.

- Loopa dies in the Svadhisthana sewers. Ask Gale to tell his child to be a man of honor.

- Arrival at Sera's house in Ajna. You learn the truth about Junkyard and Nirvana from Beck before he dies.

- Sera fades away to Sahasrara and regains her memory.

- Serph and the others venture to Sahasrara to stop Sera from leaving Junkyard. Pieces of Junkyard begin to get deleted.

- Angel appears to bring back Sera to the real world. Sera request that Junkyard not be destroyed. Serph and the others arrive before Sera leaves. The final battle begins.

- Angel is defeated and blocks the attacks of Serph(as Varna) with a green object(power to delete). Though the object breaks, causing the remains of Junkyard to be destroyed. Everyone hurrys to the gate of which Angel came from to escape.

- Before everyone makes it to the gate, everything around them explodes and they all float in a white atmosphere.

- Sera is passed out at the EGG laboratory.

- With Junkyard finally gone, five AIs: Serph, Heat, Argilla, Gale, and Cielo arrive in the real world.

- Events of DDS2 take place:
- Serph, Argilla, and Gale meet with Fred and his friend. The Karma Association hunts for humans in the underground city.

- Roald and Adil are introduced as the Anti-Karma Association, Lokapala. Serph, Argilla, and Gale learn the truth behind Junkyard from Roald's presentation. Cielo is also being kept hostage from the Lokapala.

- Margot Cuvier and Jenna Angel's Karma divisions are at war with each other. Heat joins with Margot Cuvier and 'betrays' the Embryon.

- Jenna Angel helps Embryon. Sera is found at the EGG laboratory. Serph is 'killed' by Heat in the EGG laboratory.

- Margot Cuvier is shot in the head by Jenna Angel in EGG laboratory.

- Gale takes command. Roald is 'killed' by Meganada as well as Argilla. Roald hits the switch for the Power Plant's explosion.

*Note: Who is Meganada and why does he call out Indra's name? Meganada is the second to last boss you face who uses the elements of electricity and has no weaknesses. Meganada is apart of Hindu mythology and is known to be the son of Ravana. He is also given the name Indrajit, which means the 'conquerer of Indra'. Argilla calls Meganada by that name right after Roald is assumed to be killed. Another variation of Meganada's name is Meghanada.

- Sera takes command. Returning to the EGG laboratory, Heat is transformed into the demon Vritra, wanting to gain power to be a god himself.

- Serph is awakened and is introduced to the cat, Schroedinger. The events 5 years ago are witnessed by Serph.

- The real Serph/Varna and fake Serph/Varna emerge. The real Heat fights along side you.

- Serph cuts through the body of Vritra. Heat dies in the EGG laboratory.

- Serph takes command again. Fred is left behind and says his good-byes at the Airport facilities.

- Jenna Angel makes an appearance. Gale tells the others to go ahead of him. The past of David is witnessed by Angel. Refusing to accept the truth, Angel kills Gale and he kills her in return.

- A jet is need to get to Angel's HAARP. Cielo dies as a sacrifice for Serph and Sera from missile attacks.

- Serph and Sera arrive at Angel's HAARP. Communication with god is made. Serph and Sera die in a fire explosion.

- Information of Serph and Sera is formed into Seraph before reaching Nirvana. Information of Heat, Argilla, Gale, Cielo, Jinana, Loopa, Roald, Jenna Angel, David, Margot, and Schroedinger arrive in Nirvana.

- Battles with information of Harley, Bat, Mick the Nick, Varon Omega, and Meganada take place.

- Battle with the god, Brahman take place. After being destroyed, those who fought along side you fade away, smiling.

- Seraph is left alone. Schroedinger appears and morphs into Seraph. Together, they travel to other worlds.

- The sun is restored. The people of the underground and Karma Association walk into the sunlight happily.

- The year 2030:
- 5 years have gone by and the sun still shines brightly. Plant life seems to have been restored. The dome still remains.

- Serph, Sera, Heat, Argilla, Cielo, Gale, and Jenna have aged(5 years old?). Fred, who is now older, watches over them.

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