Media: Usage Policy;

A lot of the rules for using some of the media are repeated through-out the site but I'd like it if those who'd like to use media, to please read this section first.

- Credit:
If you plan to use any media on this site for your own, please do credit! :)

- Claims:
Please do not claim any of the graphics on this site as your own. This not only includes written information but icons, fan art, etc. If you didn't create it, then you obviously shouldn't take claim and credit for it.

- Direct-linking:
This is a problem that many website owners have to go through. Direct-linking kills our bandwidth and when that happens, our site goes down for a few days. So, please do not direct-link any of the media-related items here.

- Submitting wallpapers:
If you have any DDS-related wallpapers, please do submit them! I only accept wallpapers using official art or images from the game. I will not accept wallpapers featuring fan art unless it's a) your own or b) you got permission to use that fan art. Please only submit wallpapers with resolutions of 800x600 or 1024x768, no higher!

- Submitting fan art:
If you have any DDS-related fan art, please do submit them! I only accept fan art that was drawn by you and not of others. So please, do not submit fan art that does not belong to you!

- Submitting icon graphics:
Again, if you have any DDS-related icons, please do submit them! I'll also take icon bases as well. The sizes I find most acceptable are 50x50, 64x64, and 100x100. (You'll have to join the community now...)

- Using screenshots:
Basically, all the screenshots on this site were captured by me. If you'd like to use them in your own gallery(or layout), you may but just don't take the whole gallery with you. Also, if you plan on using some I would appreciate it if you gave me credit.

- Using official art:
Some of the official artwork was scanned by me, if you plan to use the ones I scanned, please credit me. If you plan on using ones I took from other gaming sites, please credit them instead.

- Requesting mp3s:
Please do not request any DDS-related music. I will not send you any because you should go out and buy the album yourself. By doing this, you'll be supporting the company.

- Oekaki board:
When drawing at the oekaki board, please refrain from drawing anything that might offend visitors. If so, I will delete the drawing from the board. Also, do not insult anyone's drawings at the board. I will delete your comment as well.

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